NASA Captures Largest UFO Ever Seen Near the Sun, says Ufologist (Photo)

Self-proclaimed extraterrestrial hunter Scott Waring has stated that a NASA space telescope has captured “the largest UFO ever recorded.”

According to Waring, in a video recorded by NASA’s SOHO probe, it is possible to see a giant angel-shaped UFO coming out of the Sun.

“It’s a video captured by NASA’s SOHO probe, and it captured an angel-shaped spacecraft coming out of the sun during a solar blast,” he said in his ET DATABASE blog , quoted by tabloid Express.

A picture of the NASA video shows solar debris thrown from the right side of the sun.

Waring decelerated the NASA video to more accurately see the anomaly in question near the Sun. In addition, the image was reversed in negative format through digital manipulations so that the foreign object is dark against the clear Sun.

The ufologist underlined that unlike other transparent solar debris, this object is solid, adding that “it is 100% alien spacecraft.”

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time Waring announces that he has found traces of extraterrestrials in NASA photos. For example, he said earlier that he had found an “alien satellite” in a NASA photo taken near Earth’s orbit. Last week, the ufologist said he detected a giant disc-shaped UFO near the Sun.


Source: Sputnik