NASA Detects Mysterious Green Light that Disappeared Days Later

As if the universe did not tire of surprising the specialists, now NASA detected a mysterious green light in the Fireworks galaxy that disappeared days later .

The experts of the space agency were surprised that the phenomenon appreciated suddenly disappeared, as Hannah Earnshaw, lead author of the investigation, revealed that this huge green light spot took her team’s dream away:

“Ten days is a really short time for such a bright object to appear. It was an exciting experience.”

As the Actualidad RT portal reported, NASA’s NuSTAR space observatory caught a burst of blue and green X-ray light that illuminated a part of the Fireworks galaxy.

The light spots, which disappeared within a few days of being detected, found an explanation this week in a statement from the agency based on a recent study.

At first the researchers did not know what the phenomenon was and rejected the theory that it was a supernova. In addition, the flashes suddenly disappeared ten days after the first observation.

The team of specialists named this phenomenon ULX-4, as they concluded that it was a source of ultra-bright X-rays (ULX). This space event is the fourth that is identified in this galaxy, but what intrigued the experts was the brevity of its appearance.

Around this mysterious green light a theory was created that indicated that the illumination could come from a black hole that consumed a star, since it is known that the gravity of this star separates any object that gets too close.

However, the time when black holes ‘eat’ dense space objects like stars usually has a long duration, so this brief appearance could be something else. The specialists suggested that the hole probably destroyed the star.

Other theories indicate that the ULX-4 was generated by a neutron star that acts just like black holes, feeding on cosmic material and ‘forming a disk of debris around it that moves quickly.’

Many conspiracy users claim that these lights are proof that aliens are manifesting now because they know the next prophecy of the End of the World, which will take place on September 23, 2019, would you like to know more about this theory?



Source: Lanetanoticias