NASA Finds Possible Evidence of Life on Pluto

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A great discovery of the NASA points out that in Pluto there are possible evidences of life.

A crimson red detail in some photographs of Pluto would have given clues to NASA researchers about the existence of ancient geysers on the planet, in addition to revealing possible evidence of life according to the composition of the ice on which They housed organisms.

The scientist Dale Cruikshank of the planetarium of the Ames Research Center pointed out that the discovery has surprised the community and that Pluto could have other similar areas in the Solar System. The data would have been collected by the New Horizons probe during 2015, when it detected chemical compounds in the frozen rocks.

NASA revealed that it found signs of ammonia in the frozen waters of Pluto and that they were once liquid, so everything indicates that it was an ocean in the inner crust of Pluto. The space agency also said that the ammonia and ice could be the explanation for the water could have remained liquid.

As if that were not enough, the details of NASA point out that on Pluto there was more than one cryovolcano eruption that could shoot the water into the atmosphere, then the vital liquid froze and scattered everywhere.

Dale Cruikshank says crimson red is evidence of organic matter and could be essential compounds to house life as the earth.



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