NASA Image Shows the Sun Shaped like a Burning Halloween Pumpkin

An impressive photograph in which the Sun resembles a Halloween pumpkin that burns from the inside was shared this weekend by NASA on Facebook.

The snapshot, which was taken in ultraviolet light in 2014 by the Solar Dynamics Observatory, shows the active regions of the star that burn more intensely than others.

“Even our star celebrates the spooky season,” wrote the space agency accompanying the image.

“The active regions in this image seem brighter because they are areas that emit more light and energy. They are markers of an intense and complex set of magnetic fields that move in the atmosphere of the Sun, the crown,” the institution said in a statement.

In the publication, which has been shared about a thousand times, NASA also invites users to download the high resolution photo for the celebration of the party on October 31.

Check out the image down below!



Source: ActualidadRT