NASA Suspends Launch of SpaceX Due to Weather Conditions

At 14:00, Trump arrives at the Kennedy Space Center Finally, the number one Air Force plane arrived at the Kennedy Space Center that was transporting the President of the United States, Donald Trump and his wife Melania, who despite the Covid pandemic traveled to Florida to witness the launch of Space X live.

1:15 PM Wearing a black mask with his company symbol Space X, Elon Musk stands near the Kennedy Space Center platform to observe the launch, while astronauts are already aboard the ship designed by his company, checking the last details.

In an interview for NASA’s special broadcast, Elon said this launch was a dream come true, and that in 2002, when he started with Space X, he didn’t even dream of his company being able to send men into space and thanked everyone. Both his team and the team from NASA, that is making the launch possible.

At 12:50, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley finally enter the Dragon Crew, as the launch team finishes preparing them for their journey, such as connecting the suits to the ship’s seats.

At 12:45, the astronauts entered the white “room” or “room”, the room through which they enter the ship. They begin a tradition by signing the walls with their names, before boarding the cupola.

At 12:36, a few minutes ago, the astronauts finished their drive to the launch pad, ready to board the ship, in the middle of a cloudy day, as concerns about the weather continue.

At 12:30, before leaving for the launch pad, the astronauts waved goodbye to their families from the vehicle that transported them to Falcon 9.






Source: Multimedios