NASA will Start Accepting Guests for a Night at the International Space Station

NASA announced this week that the International Space Station, located about 400 kilometers from the earth’s surface, will have an additional “environment”  that will be used to accommodate space tourists.

The Axiom Space company will carry out this initiative.

NASA had already advanced the project in the middle of last year, where they announced that a night in space would cost about 35 thousand dollars and that the maximum stay would be 30 days.

“We are transforming the way NASA works with the industry to benefit the global economy and advance space exploration,” said Jim Bridenstine, administrator of the space agency, explaining the link with private companies for the operation of the Station.

The module was designed by French designer Philippe Starck and it will look more or less like this:

It is assumed that the coupling of the new “environment” will occur in the second half of the year 2024.



Source: Filo