National Hurricane Center Publish Images of the Eye of Hurricane Dorian from a Hunter Plane

The National Hurricane Center, based in Miami, published a beautiful picture of the eye of Hurricane Dorian, which was taken this morning from a hurricane plane.

One of the photos clearly shows the impressive wall of clouds that form the center of the strong meteor.

Another diffused image shows a top view of the eye, perfectly defined.

In recent days, hurricane planes have been documenting the evolution of Dorian, which on Saturday continued its progress with a slight change in its trajectory, now more inclined towards the north, in the direction of the states of Georgia and Carolina in the United States.

Authorities at localities located along the east coast of Florida have asked their residents to remain alert, although the latest forecasts indicate that they could avoid a direct impact of the dangerous hurricane, category 4.

Check out the images down below!



Source: Cibercuba