New Guinness World Record! Frenchman Climbed on Top of a Hot Air Balloon a Thousand Meters High

Remi Ouvrard, 26, celebrated his triumph by dancing and drinking wine after completing the challenging feat. Thus his feat was recorded.

On February 21 in the city of Chatellerault, west of France, Ouvrard decided to get on a hot air balloon run by his father.

The Frenchman tied himself to a metal chair, which in turn was attached to a table fixed on the top of the globe.

In the impressive images you can see the challenging young man, with only a helmet for protection and a safety harness, walking over the globe while an airplane flew over him and captured some photographs.

According to the Guinness Records, no other person has been registered on top of a balloon, although in 2016 a video was published by Sky Drifters Hot Air Ballooning in which a man is shown in a similar feat.

Watch the video below:



Source: Caracoltv