Nigerian Air Force training aircraft RV-6A Air Beetle crashed near Kaduna

RV-6A Air BeetleNigerian Air Force aircraft RV-6A Air Beetle crashed near Kaduna, killing the pilot. The plane was on a missing, but due to uncertain circumstances lost height and crashed near the city. During the accident there was only one person on board, who was experienced instructor. The accident was reported to local authorities and at the scene were sent rescuers, but unfortunately the pilot was already dead.

“A Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Air Beetle Aircraft today crashed in Kaduna while on a mission”, says the statement of an Air Force spokesman, Air Commodore Olatokunbo Adesanya. “The cause of the incident is unknown but the Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) has immediately directed the constitution of a board of inquiry to determine the immediate and remote causes of the crash”, added he.

The Air Force stated that the unfortunate incident is a tragic reminder of the hazards associated with the flying profession.

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