NordStar sent a claim to Domodedovo airport due to violation of rights of limited mobility passenger

NordStarRussian airline NordStar sent a formal claim to Moscow’s Domodedovo airport because of a possible violation of the rights of a limited mobility passenger.

“On October 4, on a flight 103 on the route Moscow-Norilsk, there was a limited mobility woman with an attendant. After checking in for the flight, passengers accompanied by airport employees, whose area of ​​responsibility includes escorting passengers with disabilities, went to help the passenger for assistance in boarding the plane. According to the passenger, she was transported by airport employees to the landing area for the flight, where she was left unattended and escorted by the airport employees”, says NordStar.

The airline noted that the support functions of passengers with limited mobility at any airport in the territory of the Russian Federation are assigned to the airport units. As part of these duties, airports provide means for the movement of passengers with limited mobility around the airport, accompany and deliver passengers with limited mobility to the aircraft, and if necessary, provide ambulances for boarding passengers on board the aircraft.

“For NordStar, the absolute high standard of service for all categories of passengers is an absolute priority. On the fact of what happened at the Domodedovo airport, an internal investigation has begun. An official complaint was sent to Domodedovo and this incident was brought to the management of the airport. This situation is unacceptable, and the airline will take all measures to prevent such an attitude towards its passengers in the future at all airports of its geography of flights. Also, additional measures have been taken by the airline’s representatives at airports, providing the necessary services to limited mobility passengers by the relevant airport services”, added NordStar.

Earlier, the press service of the Domodedovo airport was informed that the aviation campaign was checking information about a possible violation of the rights of a limited mobility passenger.

Earlier, the Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecutor’s Office reported that it had organized a check in connection with a possible violation of the rights of disabled passengers at Domodedovo Airport.

Also, earlier media reported that passengers in wheelchairs were almost forgotten at Domodedovo airport. Thus, according to the incident participant, the staff took her and two other disabled passengers to the arrival area and left there at night for several hours without water, food and any information about the delayed flight. The total waiting time of departure exceeded six hours.