Norwegian Air Boeing 737 stuck in Iran for almost a month due to US sanctions

Norwegian Air Boeing 737The aircraft Boeing 737, owned by the airline Norwegian, almost a month cannot fly from Iran to Norway due to technical problems.

On December 14, the aircraft made a flight on the route Dubai-Oslo with 192 passengers on board, but due to failure in one of the engines, made an emergency landing at the airport of the Iranian city of Shiraz. All the passengers were disembarked at the airport and rebooked to other flights to reach their destination, but the aircraft remains stock at the airport since then.

The reason for such long forced parking of Norwegian Airlines Boeing 737 in Iran is the lack of spare parts for its repair. Because of the US sanctions imposed last year for the supply of civilian airliners and spare parts to the Islamic Republic, the country faces serious problems in maintaining its fleet and repairing transit aircraft.

Currently, a team of specialists arriving from Norway in Shiraz is deciding how to fix the broken aircraft and return it to its homeland.

“I can only say that we are working with several options to get the plane back on the wings, and right now we are waiting for our technicians to be able to service the plane and to get it working”, said the Norwegian Air spokesman, Andreas Hjornholm.

Norwegian Air is a low-cost airline and Norway’s largest airline. It is the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe behind easyJet and Ryanair and the ninth-largest low-cost airline in the world, the largest airline in Scandinavia, and the eighth-largest airline in Europe in terms of passenger numbers.