One Man Arrested in Connection With the Plane Crash in Which Soccer Player Emiliano Sala Died

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A man has been arrested on Wednesday for his alleged involvement in the death of Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala, 28, although he has since been released. The striker was killed in a plane crash in January along with pilot David Ibbotson, 59, when crossing the English Channel in a plane, in an event that continues to be investigated by the authorities.

A spokesman of the police of the British county of Dorset, located to the southwest of England,has assured that the investigated one is a man of 64 years and of Yorkshire of the North (the northeast of the island), and that the families of both the sportsman and the pilot of the device had already been informed.

Sala had signed a contract with the Welsh Cardiff City teamĀ for 17 million euros a couple of weeks before his plane disappeared on 21 January.

The ship had taken off from the French city of Nantes and was destined for Cardiff, but its track was lost without a trace in the English Channel and the first remains of the apparatus in which Sala was traveling did not appear until a week laterĀ .

The bodies of Sala and the pilot were not recovered or identified until more than 10 days later.



Source: Elperiodico