Out Of Control Catering Cart Almost Destroys A Plane On The Runway At O’Hare Airport In Chicago (VIDEO)

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An American Airlines company worker decided to ram a beverage cart with a vehicle to load suitcases causing the uncontrolled machine to tip over.

A real show witnessed Monday the passengers of the O’Hare airport in Chicago (USA), who saw how an intrepid operator managed to stop a catering cart that turned completely out of control on the runway and was about to hitting an aircraft

In the video of the strange incident, which resembles a scene from the movie ‘Fast and furious’, you can see how the vehicle used to provision food planes moves in driverless circles while several terminal workers They watch the scene helplessly.

It gets hit with another vehicle

The staff unsuccessfully tries to stop the cart, which moves at high speed, until finally an operator of the American Airlines company decides to ram it with a vehicle to load suitcases causing the uncontrolled machine to tip over. Only then does calm seem to return and the worker is praised with shouts and applause from the witnesses.

” We appreciate the quick action of a member of our team who stopped the vehicle , ” said the airline, ensuring that it is investigating the incident, according¬† collects¬† NBC News. The company presumes that the cause could be a stuck pedal and said there were no injuries in the event, which caused a flight to be delayed for 10 minutes.

The recording has received more than 9 million views and has been retweeted more than 31,000 times. Even the US president Donald Trump shared the video on his Twitter account accompanied by the message: “Good job, just in time.”


Source: Actualidad RT