Passenger Caused Everyone to Panic When She Opened the Emergency Door Because She Felt “Very hot” [VIDEO]

Her impertinence may have caused a tragedy.

A video that went viral on social networks like YouTube shows the disconcerting moment in which a passenger blatantly opens the door of the emergency exit of a plane in China shortly before takeoff under the pretext that it was “very hot” in the cabin.

According to the British Daily Mail, the MF8215 flight of Xiamen Airlines completed its boarding sequence last Monday, September 23 and was preparing to be towed towards the runway when the crew was alert to a major security breach, which delayed takeoff from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, in central China.

The “mischief” caused the rest of the passengers to suffer a considerable delay of one hour in their respective itineraries since the plane had to remain on the ground while solving the problem. Police officers arrested the culprit before the aircraft could take off from Lanzhou, capital of Gansu province.

The uncomfortable woman, apparently middle-aged, had manipulated the lever and opened the door to let in “some fresh air” despite repeated warnings of not doing so for the rest of the passengers, who recorded with their cell phones how the crew on board contemplated helplessly the hole in the shape of a door next to the plane.

This fact unleashed all kinds of reactions between passengers and social network users such as YouTube, where it accumulates more than 722 thousand reproductions and comments of all kinds, in which the majority cannot believe that the woman – whose identity has not been revealed – has been able to perform such imprudence.

It is unknown if the protagonist of the YouTube viral video will face any indefinite restriction of not flying because of its lack.

In December 2014, a passenger on another Xiamen Airlines flight was arrested for a similar offense.


Source: Trome