Passengers Believed That it was Their Last Flight When the Plane Started Falling for 8000 Meters

Terror seized the passengers of flight 2253 of Delta airlines when the plane went into free fall over 8,000 meters in seven minutes.

Several travelers said goodbye to their families through text messages while the hostesses were looking for ways to calm the situation, which fortunately did not end in tragedy.

The story went viral as soon as it was shared on social networks, especially on Facebook.

The aircraft covered the route between the cities of Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale (United States). They were midway when the plane fell violently from altitude, from 39,000 feet (11,800 meters) to 10,000 feet (3,000 meters).

A depressurization of the cabin would have produced the terrible situation.

“We started to fall very hard and then the oxygen masks were activated from the top of the plane. Chaos seized everyone, ” passenger Harris DeWoskin told WFTS.

The man was one of those who, thanks to the plane’s Wi-Fi connection, contacted his girlfriend to say goodbye, thinking about the worst.

DeWoskin was one of the passengers who could record what happened. “Life is very fragile,” he said.

After that fall, the pilots were able to stabilize the aircraft, which was diverted as a precaution to the Tampa airport, where it landed without inconvenience.

The American airline Delta then pronounced: “We apologize to our customers of flight 2353 from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale, which was diverted to Tampa as a precaution , and landed without incident after an irregularity in cabin pressurization.



Source: Trome