Passengers Endure A “Terrifying Experience” on a Flight from London to Valencia [VIDEO]

Aerial emergency in Valencia. A British Airways flight connecting Heathrow Airport, in London, with the Valencian capital had to be urgently evacuated after the cabin filled with smoke, and a dozen people were treated, mostly due to anxiety crisis and poisoning

The events happened on Monday afternoon and caused shock and tense moments between the passage and the crew. This Tuesday morning the passengers had not yet recovered from all the fright, confirms Gayle Fitzpatrick, a British woman who was preparing to travel to our country to spend their vacations and who suddenly, involuntarily, was immersed in a nightmare.

The woman thanks the media around the world for her interest in her situation, since many were those who contacted her after posting a video on social networks that reflects the panic experienced inside the plane. Although the worst is over “my husband and my chest hurts this morning,” says Gayle, who describes what happened as “very scary experience.”

“I noticed a strange smell on the flight at Heathrow [the airport of origin] and when the flight reached the end, it was as if that same smell intensified.”

“We are a little shocked, there are still no explanations about what happened. We are happy and grateful to be well,” said the affected shortly after the evacuation of the flight.

On Twitter, the passenger has lamented that the airline did not provide much information about what happened during the last ten minutes of flight, an agonizing time and ended up “disembarking around the world through the emergency slides.”

“I don’t care about money. To be honest, I’m glad we’re all well. Everyone, including the flight staff, was shocked. We were lucky that everything bad happened in the last ten minutes of flight,” he explained.

According to sources familiar with the case, the firefighters at Manises airport were warned of a possible fire in an airplane. They thought that an engine had started but when they arrived they found no flames; Just smoke The ship made a forced landing after filling the smoke cabin at Manises airport. 

The plane was evacuated and the airline investigates the causes of the incident.


Source: Ultimahora