PDI and Prosecutor Arrested Subject for Drug Microtrafficking at Balmaceda Airport

In a collaborative work between the Public Ministry and the Anti-Narcotics Brigade and against Organized Crime (BRIANCO) Coyhaique, detectives of the specialized unit managed to arrest a subject for the crime of drug microtrafficking at Balmaceda airport, last Saturday 09 November 2019.

This was confirmed by José Moris, subrogate Regional Prosecutor, “effectively on Saturday morning the Briaga Antinarcóticos of the PDI, through control and patrolling through the drug detector, controlled a passenger who was arriving on a flight and carrying cocaine hidden among his clothes, which is why he was arrested.”

The defendant moved by air from Santiago to Balmaceda and in circumstances that descended from the plane the canine guide noticed the warning signal generated by the canine drug-detecting specimen regarding the 48-year-old subject, “who was hiding among his the amount of 62 grams of cocaine hydrochloride, a drug that for its quantity was to be marketed in Coyhaique,” said Commissioner Patricio Rojas, head of the Anti-Narcotics Brigade and against Coyhaique Organized Crime.

The specialized unit managed to get around 180 doses out of circulation with an appraisal of more than approximately $1,200,000.

“There is a calculation that is carried out that is handled at the Latin American level that is approximately three doses per gram of cocaine hydrochloride and there is also an appraisal in the region in terms of the amount of money per gram that in the region of Aysén is calculated at about $20,000 pesos,” said Commissioner Rojas.

This police procedure responds to the border control strategy and in the main accesses to the Aysén region, whether land, sea or air that has been implemented together with the Public Ministry to stop the entry of drugs into the area and prevent its commercialization.

In that sense, the head of the specialized unit indicated that within the strategies of the PDI for the seizure of large and small quantities of drugs, “there is a team destined to dismantle small bands or groups, including people who are engaged in traffic In small amounts of drugs.”

“We know that it is these types of people who settle in the populations and start selling this type of drug that is causing concern and insecurity within the neighborhoods,” adding that the person arrested was probably going to be delivering the drug to a micro trafficker or market this type of stimulants himself.

Prosecutor Moris added that his detention was contracted on Sunday, November 10, 2019 in the Court, “being formalized by drug trafficking in small quantities, a 90-day investigation process was established and the precautionary measure of national roots was decreed”.




Source: Diarioaysen