Pilot Avoids an Air Disaster and Manages to Land in a Corn Field in Argentina Using Pure Skill

The jet with registration LV-FQD, with nine passengers, had taken off at about 7:25 from the San Fernando airport and was destined for the stay “La Venancia”, road to the place “Las Piedritas”, located about 12 kilometers from the crossing to Comandante Nicanor Otamendi.

According to investigative sources entrusted to LA CAPITAL, the owner of the stay, of Spanish origin, used to travel regularly in that way and although the latter was not confirmed, it is estimated that they went to the place to spend the holidays at the end of the year.

Everything was going well until adverse weather conditions began to worry the crew, especially when according to the pilot himself “the engines got stuck in full flight and could not be restarted” so try to land in normal conditions at the airport “Astor Piazzola” from Mar del Plata was impossible.

Knowing also that each time the plane lost more height, it just kept planning and there was no chance that it would reach the “La Venancia” runway, due to the rain and without visibility, according to the pilot, “we had to look for a field run”.

The place chosen was a corn-covered property a few meters from the urban plant, where finally the ship had a forced landing, traveling practically in a straight line several meters until it stopped, not far from a grove which would have been an end there real tragedy

The situation left a great scare for the passengers who, despite the dramatic situation, ended up unharmed.

According to information received in this newspaper, the last radar signal had been around 8:23, so an emergency protocol was developed to find his whereabouts.

After the emergency signal, members of the Otamendi rural police and the fire department of that town, together with fields in the area, came to the place.

Access was not easy since heavy rains brought numerous complications in the area and can only be entered in 4 × 4.

Once the passengers were helped, it was determined that they were in good health.

The accident was left to the National Accident Board belonging to the Argentine Air Force. After the expert reports that were held this Saturday afternoon, the causes of the accident will be officially verified.

Then it will be time to remove the aircraft from the place, which according to versions of experts in the field, “could be unusable because by an aviation protocol beyond the severity or not of the damage, it is obliged to dismantle it in full and that process would be the same or more expensive than the acquisition of another unit of those characteristics”.




Source: Lacapital