Pilot Fakes an Emergency While Flying a Plane to Propose to his Girlfriend [VIDEO]

A couple recorded a wonderful scene that went viral on social networks.

The young man decided to propose his girlfriend in the most unexpected way and the reaction she had made everything worthwhile.

Anthony Bordignon was the man who devised the amazing scenario. He invited his girlfriend, Katherine, for a ride in his plane.

Everything was going well until the emergency alarm began to sound, alerting them that something was wrong. Or, at least, that’s what she thought.

The trip was quiet for the first 10 minutes, in which Katherine was restless about the altitude they were at. Suddenly, there were beeps coming from the control panel.

Anthony asked him to take out an emergency manual and read the points they had to secure. “I have no response from controls, how strange,” he said at the same time asking her not to panic.

Katherine began to read each of the instructions that came in the supposed manual. Then, she reached the part where the ‘commitment process’ had to begin.

When she started reading, she realized her man’s plan, she couldn’t help but get excited. She paused to try to calm down, but instead gave a cry of pure emotion.

“Will the Pilot in Command love the passenger for life? Check,” she read through the tears.

Finally, she came to the expected question. “Does the passenger agree to marry the Pilot in Command?” She read aloud, while Anthony took out a small red box from one of the compartments and showed it to her.

In a last shout, Katherine said yes, that she would be his wife. Thus, the couple caused more than 6 million people to watch the viral video.

The viral YouTube video is a sensation that has caused many users to question how to overcome such an epic request.

Would you go to such lengths to propose to your partner?


Watch the video down below:


Source: Larepublica