Pilot Fell From a C-130 Military Plane While Training on the Gulf of Mexico

The United States Air Force reported that an aviator fell from a C-130 military transport plane in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida.

An Air Force statement says the fall occurred during a parachute jump training exercise outside Hurlburt Field.

The unidentified aviator, who is assigned to the 24th Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field, Florida, “left his plane during a jump training scenario over the Gulf of Mexico approximately 4 miles south” of the facility, says the statement.

Crew members aboard the C-130 initially saw the aviator falling in water, but lost sight of him while making a turn in an effort to pick him up, according to the report.

The Northwest Florida Daily News reported that the Coast Guard was also involved in the search, and that the aviator fell from a C-130.

US Coast Guard staff He was helping the Air Force in the search for the aviator that was launched in the water a mile and a half south of Santa Rosa Island, Florida, along the Florida Panhandle, WKRG-TV reported.

The responding teams were adjusting their search area based on the currents in the area, Coast Guard counterpart Kamil Zdankowski told the Northwest Florida Daily News.



Source: Israelnoticias