Plane Catches Fire in Front of Passengers who were About to Board it

Nearly half a thousand people who were about to get into the cabin of the Airbus A380 at the Seoul airport were evacuated successfully and put to good safety.

Last Friday, October 18, there were moments of panic at the Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea, when one of the engines of an airplane was engulfed in flames.

Passengers preparing to travel to Los Angeles recorded the incident just before boarding. The video is viral on Facebook.

According to local media reports, the incident affected an Airbus A380 model aircraft of the South Korean airline Asiana Airlines during refueling prior to takeoff.

According to the passengers of flight OZ202, the trip already accumulated a 50-minute delay due to maintenance tasks of the technical personnel in the turbine, which was then engulfed in flames.

For now, the causes of the event are unknown.

The images recorded by a witness and that have gone viral on Facebook show the moment in which several operators of the airport’s runway try to control the flames while the burning fuel drains and falls on the runway.

It was learned that the 495 passengers waiting to get on board were evacuated from the boarding area as a precaution, although no one was injured in the incident.

Finally, after almost 5 hours of delay, the flight took off towards its destination.

Watch the video footage down below!


Source: Elcomercio