Plane Crash Survivor Documents His Dramatic Rescue Off California Coast [VIDEO]

A small plane with two people on board fell Tuesday on the shores of Half Moon Bay, in California (USA). Both the pilot and the passenger survived and recorded the rescue operation with a telephone while they remained in the water, local media reported.

David Lesh, 34, and his friend Kayla were doing a photo shoot from a small aircraft, but during the process it lost power and they had to do a forced landing. “She jumped over the water several times. There was no impact. We were totally fine,” Lesh told U.S. media.

“We probably didn’t have more than a minute or two from the moment I thought something was wrong until we touched the water,” the pilot added.

Then they opened the door and stayed briefly in the wing of the plane as it floated. Shortly thereafter, the crew of a second light aircraft notified the coast guard of the accident and were rescued. The two people were stung by jellyfish, but were found without serious injuries.