Plane Kills a Wild Animal As it Landed on African Airfield and Shocks the Locals.

The animals broke into the landing site, according to a company report. The pilot did his best to avoid the collision.

Two wild wild wildebeests were injured after being hit during the landing of a plane in Kenya, Africa. The flight belonged to the Sarilink airline and was about to touch the ground at the Kichwa Tembo Aerodrome, located in the Masai Mara National Reserve.

According to the Kampala Dispatch media, the animals ran through the place where they were going to make the landing. The company reported that all passengers and crew were unharmed, while the aircraft did register considerable damage.

Although the pilot made every effort to stop the 5Y-SLM aircraft, the turboprop hit them. As a result, the left landing gear collapsed and detached.

Everything happened at about one o’clock in the afternoon, Kenyan local time. Safarilink issued the statement on its website hours later.

“The initial report we have is that a couple of wildebeests ran down the runway when the plane landed. We are grateful to confirm that all passengers and crew on board the plane are safe and that there are no injuries or fatalities,” they said.

Approximately 10 vehicles were parked at the passenger pick-up site, according to the Airlive portal. The situation put them at risk.

Local media warned that there is no airport to reach Masái Mara and that they only have landing strips within the area, so this would explain the accident.