Planes Are Taking Off Again From Hong Kong After a Chaotic Day

The majority of flights scheduled on Wednesday morning were taking off from Hong Kong airport normally, after a chaotic day in which a protest by pro-democracy protesters forced to suspend or cancel Hundreds of journeys.

Protesters blocked two terminals on the second consecutive day of protests at the airport, the eighth in the world by number of passengers, which became the new target of the demonstrations that shake Hong Kong for 10 weeks.

On Tuesday afternoon, protesters prevented travelers from accessing their planes, before clashes with riot police broke out outside the terminal and began with two people they accused of being spies or incognito police.

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But on Wednesday at dawn most protesters had left the premises and the planes began to take off more normally.

The airport website showed that dozens of flights took off during the night and hundreds of others were scheduled throughout Wednesday, although many of them with delays.

The check-in counters worked normally and there were only a handful of protesters, many of them asleep, an AFP reporter said at the scene.

It was not clear if protesters will call new protests at the airport on Wednesday. The Hong Kong pro-democracy protest movement has no leaders but is able to quickly mobilize large numbers of people through social networks and messaging applications.

The activists set their sights on the airport, which is essential for the economy of this British ex-colony, after weeks of huge peaceful rallies – although increasingly with violent clashes between radicals and police – with which they won no concession from the authorities of the City of China.



Source: Noticias24