Police Officer who Shot and Killed an Air Force Veteran on Capitol Hill Suspended

The chief of the US Capitol Police (USCP), Seteve Sund, defended on Thursday the officers who intervened in the violent riots that occurred on Wednesday in that building and announced that the officer who shot and killed a protester was suspended while the fact is investigated.

Sund said police officers “acted bravely when confronted by thousands of individuals involved in violent riot actions.”

The rioters “actively attacked” with metal tubes, discharged chemical irritants and took other weapons to attack Capitol Police and other law enforcement officials, the USCP chief said in a statement.

The incidents at the United States Congress building have left four people dead, 14 police officers injured and more than 50 arrests so far.

Ashli ​​Babbitt, an Air Force veteran who traveled from California to support Donald Trump, was shot in the shoulder inside the Capitol that later killed her.

Sund spoke about the episode, recounting that “as the protesters made their way to the House of Representatives, where members of Congress were sheltering, a USCP employee unloaded his service weapon, shooting an adult woman.”

He then added that “medical assistance was provided immediately and the woman was transported to hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries.”

The officer who fired the shot, Sund said, was placed on administrative leave and suspended from his police duties pending the results of the joint investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department (APD) and the USCP.

Sund remarked that “the actions of the USCP officers were heroic” and considered that the events that took place in Congress this Wednesday “were behavior of criminal disturbance.”

The other three people who died suffered “medical emergencies” related to the siege, said Robert Contee, chief of the city’s Metropolitan Police Department.

Sund’s statement came after lawmakers from both parties promised an investigation into how law enforcement agencies handled Wednesday’s violent breach in the Capitol, questioning whether the lack of preparation allowed a mob to occupy and vandalize the building.






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