Powerful Lightning Bolt Paralyzes Man Who is Saved from Suffering Terrible Damage [VIDEO]

The very lucky moment was shared on Youtube where a man was walking quietly down the street covering himself with his umbrella, without imagining that lightning would fall a few inches from him, saving himself from death.

The video was a trend on all social networks in the countries of Mexico, Spain and the United States.

Lightning bolts are fatal to humans, if one of them strikes down someone, the chances of survival are practically nil, due to the discharge power that these blades of energy possess.

Romulus McNeill, is a lucky man who ‘cheated’ death and was saved by a few centimeters, as demonstrated in a video shared on YouTube.

The man who lives in South Carolina, United States, was caught by security cameras, walking down a street using his umbrella to cover himself from the rain, when suddenly lightning struck a few inches from him.

As seen in the video, the impact causes McNeill to throw his umbrella and be totally stunned for a short period of time.

After seeing what happened, he picked up the object with which he covered himself and left the place quickly.

“I saw light,” McNeill told his experience, to a local media, adding that he felt a jolt at the time of the event.

Watch the insane video footage down below!

Source: ActualidadRT