Prince Charles’ Wife Camilla Almost Died in a Plane Crash

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Prince Charles’ wife Camila Parker nearly died in a plane crash. Official sources told London media that Princess Diana’s enemy fought two plane crashes while traveling by helicopter.

Camilla Parker narrowly avoided two airborne crashes during a one-hour helicopter ride from Queen’s Sandringham property to her home at Ray Mill in Wiltshire.

The Duchess of Cornwall, who is afraid of flying, arrived terribly within nine seconds of a frontal crash with a plane carrying submariners in July 2018, Mail on Sunday reported.

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Air traffic control at the RAF Marham in Norfolk that was monitoring the Duchess’s flight told that the potential for a collision had been “high”, after the pilot of the other aircraft it will not alert air traffic controllers about its altitude.

The RAF Lakenheath made numerous attempts to contact the pilot, who was flying a DHC-6 aircraft from De Havilland Canada, but did not respond because he was “distracted by passengers in the back,” according to

That was the pilot’s eighth flight that day, according to reports.

The Sikorsky S76 helicopter of the 71-year-old Duchess was forced to raise the altitude to 5 thousand 400 feet, but when the plane descended to land, the pilot started another emergency maneuver to avoid a glider that had been making flights.

The terrible incidents occurred on July 25 last year, after Camilla and her husband, Prince Charles,  attended the Sandringham Flower exhibition, according to a report by the Airprox Board of the United Kingdom.


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