Quarantine Eurofighter Pilots who Traveled to the United States for the ‘Red Flag’ Exercise

The possible spread of the coronavirus stalks the Armed Forces not only in its deployment throughout Spain in the framework of “Operation Balmis” to stop the expansion.

The external presence of the Spanish military also exposes them to this pandemic.

Confidential Digital has been able to confirm, by official sources from the Air Headquarters, that Eurofighter pilots, mechanics, gunsmiths, security personnel, health, logistics, administration…who participated in the ‘Red Flag‘ exercise in the United States will have to spend a quarantine on your return to Spain.

The reason is that a NATO service soldier who also participated in this multinational exercise at the United States Air Force base in Nellis (Nevada state) tested positive for coronavirus.

The soldier in question began to show symptoms and after doing the test it was confirmed that he was infected. He was isolated according to the protocols for this case to be treated by the doctors.

Given this positive at the Nellis base, ECD contacted the Air Force to find out if special measures had been taken for the return of the Spanish troops participating in the ‘Red Flag’ exercise.

From the Air they explain that the personnel participating in this exercise of the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain and NATO area forces “have undergone tests before their departure from the United States, and have remained isolated until the time of their return”.

The soldiers sent to Nevada formed the so-called “Agrupación Mangual” and belonged to Wing 11, based in Morón de la Frontera (Seville), and Wing 14 of the Los Llanos base, in Albacete.

Once in Spain, the members of this group of the Air Force sent to the United States “will be kept in quarantine, as the entire country is, in fact, having been instructed and must report any symptoms they may experience.”

The return to Spain of the Air military who were in Nevada has been made progressively, by means of transport planes for cargo and personnel.

The Air Headquarters confirms to ECD that one of the aircraft used in this return operation of the personnel is an A310 of the 45 Group.

This Airbus model is in which the king makes his flights, although it is also used for other functions such as the transfer of other authorities or evacuations like this one. This Airbus A310 was not used on the way to the ‘Red Flag’.

They were eight the Eurofighter that the Army of the Air sent on behalf of this exercise aimed at training and training of air units in missions air-ground and air- to -air, as indicated from Albacete and Morón.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the positive of the soldier already mentioned at the Nellis base, the Air Force decided to subject these fighter-bombers to a special cleaning.

The interior of all aircraft is inspected and cleaned day by day, but given the danger of contagion, this time the cleaning has been done “with special dedication and care.”

Different positive cases and alerts for possible contact with coronavirus patients have jumped within the Armed Forces in recent weeks.

While internal measures are being taken, at the bases, soldiers from different units are participating in the deployment throughout Spain to comply with confinement, disinfect and assist hospitals.

Furthermore, the pandemic has blocked events. For example, the same Ala 14 from Albacete that has participated in the ‘Red Flag‘ exercise in the United States has seen how the NATO Tiger Meet in Portugal is delayed two months, in which the presence of some of its Eurofighters is also scheduled.





Source: Elconfidencialdigital