Red Bull Mechanics Make the First Tire Change of a Formula 1 in Zero Gravity

The mechanics of the Red Bull Formula 1 team played two historical events in less than a week. On Sunday 17, in the Brazilian Grand Prix, they made the fastest tire change in history, and now manage to make a pit stop in zero gravity.

On board an Ilyushin Il-76 MDK cosmonaut training aircraft and with the support of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, the Austrian brand mechanics made the unpublished change of covers to a 2005 Red Bull RB1.

To do this, they had to make seven flights and about 80 parables, as it is called to the sections in which it ascends to 45 degrees and then descends with the same inclination, which generates a moment of weightlessness, so there were several filming sessions.

At the beginning of the experience, the pneumatic guns traveled through the air and some mechanics, head down, had to hold the car so that it did not take flight.

“The first parable we did was really quite strange. Climbing to 2G, with twice your normal weight, feels like being planted on the ground and it’s hard to move. So, that feeling is reversed when you go to the top and in free fall” he told the Red Bull mechanic Paul Knight.

In addition, he said that although at the beginning they found it difficult to control the body, they later discovered how to sustain themselves and the best way to “deal with the sensations.” “It’s an incredible experience, like nothing you’ve imagined,” he said, and closed:

“It’s certainly the most extreme. We’ve done incredible things in the past, many of them wonderful, but this was different.”

Red Bull mechanics had already entered history last Sunday, when in Brazil they made the fastest tire change in Formula 1, releasing Max Verstappen’s car in just 1.82 seconds.


Source: ActualidadRT