Reporter Uses Drone to Inspect Iceberg and Discover ‘Magical’ Natural Landscape [VIDEO]

A YouTube video showed us the incredible scene captured by a young tourist, when he used a drone to inspect the interior of an impressive iceberg. Thousands of users were amazed by the beauty of this hidden place.

Wonderful scenery impressed thousands. A viral YouTube video has just revealed one of the most spectacular places on Earth.

Nobody would think that an iceberg could be the scene of one of the most impressive creations in the world, but it is, at least according to several users in the world. Social networks, who have not hesitated to share a video uploaded to YouTube .

It all started when photographer Rodger Price blew up his drone off the coast of Bacon Cove in Canada to observe the sea, a passion he enjoyed many years ago. The man saw an iceberg, not far away and decided to inspect it by blowing its object near the mass to appreciate it better.

When surrounding the huge white body, he discovered an impressive natural pool, which left him stunned by how beautiful it was. And, the melting of its central mass formed a huge pond, whose waters had a colour similar to turquoise.

The users in their YouTube and Instagram accounts did not stop commenting on the spectacular shot that they had captured with their drone. “Exciting location, thank you for sharing”, thanked one user. “Absolutely beautiful,” commented another.

Like this amazing place, there are also others, which you can see on YouTube, such as the ice caves in Iceland or the impressive landscape seen under a huge mountain located on Lake General Carrera, located in Patagonia.

In the lower part you can review the incredible images that this drone managed to capture, with which it was possible to discover this impressive ‘pool’ created by nature itself. The scene is really amazing and everything was recorded on YouTube .