Returned Migrants from the USA with Fever They Tested Negative for Coronavirus

The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) reported on Tuesday that the two migrants who had fever when they arrived in the country on a flight of returnees failed the Coronavirus test.

The flight of returnees from the United States arrived on Monday in the Guatemalan Air Force.

The migrants, who arrived with a group of 85 people, presented symptoms of colds, so the decision was made to take them to the Villa Nueva Hospital and quarantine the remaining 83 migrants and 20 Migration workers, Secretary of Social Welfare of the Presidency (SBS) and Attorney General’s Office.

According to information from the SBS, the 13 minors (unaccompanied) also underwent the test and gave a negative result.

Ana Lucía Gudiel, Head of Press of the Ministry of Health, reported that only the test was performed on these two people, since the remaining 83 migrants are asymptomatic.

Alejandra Mena, spokesperson for the Guatemalan Migration Institute, reported that the 103 people who were in provisional quarantine spent the night in a provisional shelter that was set up at La Aurora International Airport.

People were provided with food and access to basic services and this Tuesday it is planned to coordinate the transfer to their places of origin.

The spokeswoman also specified that the workers of the different institutions were authorized to leave the place after the Ministry of Health gave its approval.





Source: Publinews