Robbie Williams Hires a Bodyguard to Protect Him from UFOs

The singer admits that he has “real terror” for the aliens to contact him.

Robbie Williams has already told on more than one occasion that he is among those who think that we are not alone in the universe, but in his case the possibility that the aliens can contact him causes him real terror. This phobia has led him to reinforce the security of the house and to hire a 24-hour bodyguard to be able to sleep.

Throughout his life, the famous singer has lived strange and apparently inexplicable situations, including a meeting with what appeared to be a flying saucer when he was sober.

“I may have a mental illness, but I felt the obligation to share my story with the skeptics,” the singer confessed during an interview for the “Alien Nation” podcast.

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“The reason I hired bodyguards 24 hours a day was not just to protect my physical integrity. The pure truth is that I was afraid of what happened around me when I was alone, “he explained.

In addition, he confessed that he always felt terrified at the idea that they could try to contact him because that would confirm the existence of the aliens. “If in the end it turned out that they were my imaginations, it would be even worse, because then it would turn out that everything was in my head. And if I was forced to talk about it out loud, I would feel more scared than I already was, “said the artist.

Robbie acknowledged that testimonies like his will always be taken with some disbelief and for that reason he did not rule out that in the past he has suffered hallucinations that would explain the alleged sightings of UFOs that he witnessed.


Source: Larazon