Russia and the US adopt changes to their bilateral aviation safety agreement

aviation safetyRussia and the US submitted join amendments to the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) of September 2, 1998. The BASA agreement regulates bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the field of certification and airworthiness of aircraft.

The agreement was reached through an exchange of notes between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the US Transport Ministry.

The changes into the US-Russia bilateral aviation safety agreement take effect on the date of the Russian note, i.e. from April 22, 2019. It affects the executive representative is the Russian Federal Agency for Air Transport (Rosaviatsia), as well as the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The completed exchange of diplomatic notes and the introduction of the aforementioned changes to BASA open up opportunities for the development of promising cooperation between Rosaviation and the US FAA on certification and recognition of approvals for aviation equipment on the basis of reciprocity and symmetrical approach.

The Federal Air Transport Agency, also known as Rosaviatsiya, is the Russian government agency responsible for overseeing the civil aviation industry in Russia. Its headquarters are in Moscow. It is also called the Russian Federation Civil Aviation Administration (RFCAA).