Russia steps in production of turboprop passenger aircraft IL-114-300

IL-114-300An agreement on production cooperation between Russian companies Aviastar-SP and RAC MiG JSC was signed on the start of construction of the second prototype (serial No. 0110) of the new Russian regional twin-engine turboprop passenger aircraft IL-114-300. In accordance with the document, fuselage panels (cladding, stringers, segments, frames), hatches and doors will be manufactured at the Ulyanovsk aircraft building enterprise.

Currently, Aviastar-SP JSC is preparing design documentation for the development and conclusion of contracts for the purchase of components and materials. Design support of work, as well as the technical conditions of product delivery, will be carried out by the head designer of the aircraft. The final assembly of the prototype IL-114-300 will be carried out at RAC MiG JSC.

Aviastar-SP is the center of specialization of PJSC UAC for two competencies in the framework of the MC-21 and IL-112V projects. The plant manufactures fuselage panels, hatches, doors. That is why he was chosen as a co-programmer on the IL-114 program.

After the production of equipment, the main work on the project will be conducted in the workshops of blank, stamping, aggregate-assembly and mechanical-frame production. The shipment of the first fuselage panels for the prototype IL-114, manufactured at Aviastar-SP, is scheduled for January 2020.

The IL-114-300 aircraft is intended for the carriage of passengers, cargo, mail and must be operated from the runway with artificial turf of Class A, B, C, G and GVPP with a soil density of 7.5 kg/cm2, outdoor temperature from minus 50 to plus 45 degrees. The flight range of the IL-114-300 is up to 4,800 km. The aircraft is designed to carry up to 64 passengers.