Russia to Start Incorporating A-100 Early Warning Aircraft from 2024

The Russian Aerospace Force will begin incorporating A-100 Premier early warning aircraft from 2024, a source in the Russian defense sector said.

“Testing continues on schedule and the Aerospace Force would begin receiving A-100s starting in 2024,” said the Sputnik interlocutor.

The A-100 Premier called ‘flying radar’ is equipped with radar equipment designed to detect and track various targets, as well as participate in guiding fighters and assault aircraft towards air, land and sea targets.

Ilyusin model derived IL-76MD-90A, the A-100 Premier will eventually replace the А-50 in the park of the Russian Air Force.

The Defense Ministry had commented that the A-100 aircraft was designed after the appearance of new class targets and the creation of new generation fighters.

The capabilities of the new Russian early warning aircraft exceed both domestic and foreign analogues, including the United States Air Force AWACS Boeing E-3 aircraft.

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Source: Sputnik