Russian Priests Throw Holy Water from a Plane to Rid a City of “Drunkenness and Fornication”

Several priests of Tver Oblast, an area of ​​Russia, have traveled the sky of the city to sprinkle it with holy water in order to cleanse it of sins and vices such as drink or sex.

Those responsible for performing this ritual boarded the plane 70 liters of holy water and two religious icons: ‘the inexhaustible Chalice’ and an image of John the Baptist.

As reported by the Russian media ‘Tver News’, once above, the clergy tied their safety harnesses, opened the door of the plane and prayed before pouring the holy water on the city.

The blessing coincided with the country’s Sobriety Day. The first day of sobriety in Russia was celebrated in 1913 at the initiative of the ministers of the Orthodox Church.

Some people joked about it because of what the priests said: “What is the joke? What are we trying to help people get rid of disease? We promote stopping alcohol, drugs and fornication.”

Watch the viral video down below!


Source: Antena3