Russian Su-27 Intercepts Spy Planes from the USA and Sweden [VIDEO FOOTAGE]

Russian fighter Su-27 records the moment he intercepted and escorted spy planes from the United States and Sweden near the Russian border.

The Russian Ministry of Defense broadcast recorded a video from the Su-27 fighter cabin that intercepted two reconnaissance aircraft from the United States and Sweden over the Baltic Sea.

The Russian fighter that is part of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy, took off to escort a RC-135 of the United States and a Gulfstream of Sweden that flew towards the Russian border.

The Russian Ministry of Defense emphasized that the fighter complied with international airspace guidelines and approached a safe distance.

The interception of spies occurred in the framework of the 2019 Baltops exercises that began on June 9 and will end on the 21st, celebrated in the zone by 18 NATO members, reported the Russian media RT.

To witness the footage, check out the video down below!

Source: PuenteLibre