Ryanair plans to hire 125 new pilots in next weeks

RyanairThe CEO of Ryanair Michael O’Leary said the company plans to hire 125 new pilots within the “next week or two” to prevent a new wave of canceled flights. The announcement was made after previously the pilots of the carrier rejected the 12,000-pound bonus offer that was not taxable to give up from their scheduled holidays.

We recall that the company announced that it would cancel flights every day for six weeks due to confusion over planned pilots’ vacations. This will affect about 400,000 passengers. Ryanair apologized for strikes, unfavorable weather conditions, as well as pilots and crew holidays.

According to the organization’s pilots’ union, the proposal for non-taxable bonuses is too vague, especially with regard to the number of vacation days that employees have to give up.

Some pilots wishing to be anonymous blame the company for failing to comply with working time standards, and in many cases they have been flying more than the allowed hours per week.

Michael O’Leary commented to investors that he can not force pilots to give up their holidays.

The airline has been put under great pressure to publish the full list of flights it plans to cancel each day so that passengers can have time to organize their trips.