S7 Technics received approval for technical maintenance of the new generation Boeing 737 MAX

S7 Technics BoeingThe production base of S7 Technics at the Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport was the first in Russia to receive approval for the types of technical maintenance of the new generation Boeing 737 MAX, equivalent to A-check. The first aircraft of this type will arrive directly from the manufacturer’s plant in Seattle.

A team of S7 Technics specialists has been allowed to perform Boeing 737 MAX maintenance. In addition to the theoretical course, aircraft technicians underwent practical training at the Boeing plant in Seattle. S7 Technics specialists have access to the Boeing documentation for the aircraft. In preparation for maintenance, the Boeing 737 MAX purchased the necessary equipment, tools, spare parts and materials as recommended by the manufacturer.

The Boeing 737 MAX fleet in Russia and the CIS will grow – a number of airlines have announced their intentions to purchase such aircraft. Therefore, S7 Technics intends to actively work in the market for maintenance of Boeing 737 MAX.

“As the number of the most modern narrow-body aircraft produced by Boeing in the region grows. We will offer services for the Boeing 737 MAX to all operators of this aircraft. At the moment, we consider this market of services as promising”, commented Sergey Kravchenko, regional sales director of S7 Technics.

Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have become the ninth type of aircraft, which have been approved by S7 Technics for maintenance. Among other things, they have been serving aircraft of the A320neo family for more than one year – the most modern narrow-body machines produced by Airbus. In January – September 2018, the Novosibirsk S7 Technics base performed 30 A-check forms on Airbus A320neo aircraft.