Saber Corporation introduced new FareNabber API for air tickets

SabreThe provider of technology for the global travel and tourism industry Saber Corporation introduced FareNabber, which is a new API that will allow travel companies and developers to offer more efficient and personalized approach to choosing and buying air tickets. In the modern world, technologies simplify and automate many activities, so consumers are expecting for the same when booking travel, in particular flights. Instead of sitting for hours at the monitor in search of the ideal flight and fare, users would like to indicate in the profile the necessary travel criteria and receive automatic notifications of suitable offers, according to the developer.

“The newest FareNabber API, available on the Saber platform, gives developers, online agencies and travel consultants the opportunity to select the ideal travel option for the traveler using powerful automated search technology, which allows faster display of the list of found flights and fares, as well as generate more bookings according to the filtering of proposals based on the individual preferences of the client”, said the statement of Saber Corporation.

FareNabber allows the world’s leading online agencies, developers and travel companies to provide a qualitatively new level of search for aviation services through the effective use of data and powerful technologies for their processing.

“Travelers’ needs are a top priority in our work, and we understand that the travel experience is largely dependent on the flight”, said the president of Saber Travel Network, Wade Jones.

The new features of the FareNabber API allow travel companies to offer technically advanced customers a unique experience in the search for and purchase of air tickets, as well as to improve existing online technologies that are now capable of prompting users the best time for travel and booking services.