“Scenes removed” From the First Landing of the F-35 on the British Aircraft Carrier [VIDEO]

One of the objectives of the United Kingdom Westlant 19 naval exercises was to test the ability of the new HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and F-35 fighters to perform group tasks.

However, the historic first landing of the F-35 on the aircraft carrier was accompanied by an incident.

The British Ministry of Defense posted photos of the maneuver on its Twitter account.

However, the independent company Save the Royal Navy also posted the video of what happened after the landing.

The video shows the moments after the pilot of the F-35 Lighting left his fighter plane.

After shaking hands with several colleagues, the pilot stumbles and flips himself on the ground.

A crew member runs to help you.

Although the pilot does not seem to be badly hurt by the stumble, some have speculated that the accident may have a high price. The pilot’s high-tech helmet – specifically designed for the F-35 – costs about $325,000.

The Ministry of Defense has already launched the investigation to find out how the images were filtered.

The military entity also published the video of the successful take-off of the F-35 of the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.

The HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier was officially delivered in May 2017, with operational capacity planned for the year 2020. It has a displacement of around 65,000 tons.

Watch the video footage posted to Twitter down below!


Source: Sputniknews