Scientists Reveal How and When Our Galaxy will be Deteriorated [VIDEO]

From natural catastrophes to collisions with asteroids, water scarcity, wars, world domination by robots, among others, the ideas of the possible extinction of the human race will always attract the attention of poor human beings.

We can recall that in 2006 it was speculated that the end of the world would come on June 6, supposedly by conjuring on that date 6/6/06, the “number of the beast” according to certain Satanist or ultra-religious sectors.

Then, in 2012 there was talk that according to Mayan prophecies the world was going to end, and it was said that at some point this year a series of natural catastrophes would end up consuming the world, but, as we know, this never happened.

UNUSUAL: Scientists reveal how and when our galaxy will be DEVORATED

More recently, in October 2019 many people believed the rumor that a giant steroid could crash into the Earth and destroy it, causing unjustified panic in social networks, because this supposed theory was denied by NASA.

Although it will not happen, soon, it is a fact that the planet earth has the time of its marked end, and this will happen in a future in which we do not know if humanity lasts on the planet.

According to a group of scientists from the National University of Australia, the galaxy in which we live, known as the Milky Way, will be eaten by Andromeda, a neighboring galaxy, which has already ended the existence of other galaxies.

Using data from the Hubble Telescope, it is predicted that the end of our galaxy will occur in about 4 billion years, so at the moment there is really no need to worry about this happening, rather we should try to take care of the planet a little to May our existence in him last a little longer.

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Source: Laverdad