She Fell Asleep During a Flight and Woke Up in Complete Darkness on the Already Empty and Closed Airplane

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Tiffani Adams admitted that after the event she has trouble sleeping for fear of waking up trapped in a dark place.
A resident of Canada decided to sleep a little during her flight between the cities of Quebec and Toronto and did not expect to wake up with the plane already empty and the lights off when the aircraft was parked and closed at night. The incident took place on June 9, says Independent on Sunday, citing a Tiffani Adams publication on the Facebook profile wall of the airline Air Canada.

“I slept maybe less than half of my flight of an hour and a half,” said Adams. The passenger admitted that she thought she had a nightmare when she woke up several hours after the plane landed in complete darkness and described the event as “terrible”.

The woman wanted to call a friend, but her phone’s battery was exhausted and it was impossible to charge her on the plane without power. Adams, who “wanted to get out of this nightmare as soon as possible” found a flashlight and managed to open the main door of the plane, but then he realized that he was at a height of about 15 meters, without stairs, and unable to jump.

It is unknown how long Adams spent near the aircraft door signaling with the flashlight before an airport employee noticed it. The man, who was carrying a luggage cart, was “surprised to see her”, he said and helped her leave the plane.

In turn, Air Canada representatives stated that they are investigating the case and are in contact with the passenger.



Source: Actualidad