She Records a Passenger Who Hits her and States that a Flight Attendant ‘reward him’ with Rum [VIDEO]

A woman who flew with American Airlines sparked a debate on social networks by posting a video on Twitter, which shows how a man sitting behind her hits the back of her seat, angry that she had reclined it.

Although the tweet was published last weekend, users still argue about who was right.

The incident took place on January 31, when Wendi Williams boarded a flight from the city of New Orleans (USA) to that of Charlotte, located in the state of North Carolina.

The woman, outraged, says that she decided to record the unusual behavior of her back neighbor, who – as she says – intended that she put her seat straight.

“Here is the fool! I was angry because I reclined my seat and he hit it about 9 times, until I started recording it and its behavior ceased,” the woman wrote.

But he was not the only one who the passenger discharged her anger. As she said, the flight attendant sided with the man and, after reprimanding Williams’ attitude, gave him a rum.

“She [the flight attendant] rolled her eyes and said, ‘What?’. Then she said he was right and gave him a rum. And she told me that I had to erase the video, it is illegal to record videos on a plane,” he told the passenger in another tweet, ensuring that when asked for his name, the working of the airline imposed a notice of passengers disturbing.

Williams explained that the incident began when the man asked him to put his seat upright because he was eating, and says she reclined it once he finished. Now, as a result of the accident, she says she suffers pain and has limited movement.

“I am suffering. I have a cervical disc that is not fused, although the first allows me some mobility. It is scary, because it is the type of injury that could cause it,”  Williams said.

The passenger reported in another publication that the company contacted her and apologized, but did not assume any responsibility for the attitude of the hostess.

After the story was made public, the users of the networks were divided in their opinions on such procedures, both by the woman and the passenger from behind. Some showed their support for Williams, while others chose to defend the comfort that the man in the back row lacked, because of him.

“This video has the Internet legitimately divided. He is in the last seat of the plane. His seat does not recline. Hers does. And she reclines. He is upset and is banging his seat incessantly, so she records. Who is right ? Who is wrong ?” wrote one user.

“It is ridiculous for people to say that they should not recline their seat. It is an option, for one reason: it is completely within their right. If they need more space, they should have gotten a seat that would accommodate them. Why should she be bothered? He paid for his seat, ” said another Twitter user.

“Both are wrong. But reclining your seat when you are flying on an airplane is literally the most selfish and inconsiderate thing a person can do. It literally ruins the travel experience of the person sitting behind you. It is just as bad, if not worse, than him,” said another user.


Watch the Twitter of the incident below:


Source:  ActualidadRT