Shocking Video Shows how Earth Would Look if the Oceans Disappeared [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what percentage of the surface of our planet is water? Although we know it as Earth, our world is mainly composed of water.

Today we can estimate that 71% of the surface is composed of this liquid, while the remaining 29% corresponds to the continental mass.

However, when talking about mass, this liquid only represents 0.02% of the total mass of the planet.

However, his loss would end life on our planet as we know it. Water is an essential element for human beings, so its disappearance would end any kind of life and the Earth as a planet.

Recently, NASA scientist James O’Donoghue has published a video in which we can see how our planet would change if the seas and oceans disappeared.

A document, published on his YouTube account, through which O’Donoghue demonstrates that the disappearance of water would allow 70% of the surface of the planet that is submerged today to emerge.

In this way, the disappearance of seas and oceans would reveal hidden mountain ranges and canyons.

But not only that. Also precipices with a depth of up to 6,000 meters below the level of the oceans and even the land bridges that connected regions like the United Kingdom to the rest of Europe: “At that time, Britain was less inclined to Brexit.”

Through this video, which is based on the technique of time lapse, we can see how the brown color of the earth advances rapidly while the blue disappears.

Desertification begins mainly in the eastern part of Russia, in Alaska and in Australia.

Also in the northern part of Europe, where the United Kingdom is no longer an island to become part of the continent.

In a matter of seconds, and while the sea level continues to fall, the Earth is losing its characteristic blue to turn completely brown.

When the water disappears at 6,300 meters below the usual sea level, the planet loses any hint of water. However, today, it is much simpler for water to defeat Earth than vice versa.


Watch the video down below:



Source: Cadenaser