Sighting UFO? Scientist says Photo Taken by NASA Shows Alien Satellite

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UFO researcher Scott Waring said he found a satellite of extraterrestrial origin in a photo taken by NASA that could have links to the famous conspiracy theory called the Black Knight.

According to Black Knight conspiracy theory, there is at least one artificial satellite of extraterrestrial origin orbiting the Earth in an almost polar orbit, which would be hidden by NASA.

Recently, the famous alien hunter Scott Waring revived this bizarre theory by examining a photo taken by NASA‘s Apollo 10 mission.

In its etdatabase blog, where it revealed to have found in the photo a unique object orbiting Earth. It is an object that flies near our planet, but a great distance from the camera.

The ufologist used sophisticated photo editing software to digitally manipulate the image in order to study more precisely the mysterious object.

“It [the object] is stretched out.” Astronauts have said they have seen L-shaped stretches flitting back and forth across their spacecraft, the vehicle has large appendages and looks almost bio-mechanical or a live spacecraft. satellite of the Black Knight in orbit around the Earth,” said Waring, quoted by Express.

The most famous photo of supposed Black Knight was taken by NASA in 1998.

The agency, for its part, stated that it was space debris and that the object had nothing to do with aliens.

Source: SputnikNews

  1. The black Knight object, was determined to be a shroud, fabric off the old Skylab it. Has been drifting along for some time. It is not alien just looks like it.

  2. That’s a good possibility. But I gotta tell ya. Something or someone is up there.

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