Skydiving Instructor Dies After Falling on a Fairground in Peru

A skydiving instructor of the Peruvian Air Force died when he fell on the roofs of a fairground during an instructional flight, the Ministry of Defense (Mindef) reported on August 18, 2019.

The accident occurred on Saturday in full preparation for a military aerobatics exercise that was going to be carried out this Sunday in the city of Cajamarca (about 850 kilometers north of Lima), says a statement from the Mindef.

Augusto Vallejos, 36, jumped from a military plane but could not control his parachute. After the impact, the Air Force technician was taken by firefighters to a hospital, where he died, the statement said.

The accident was recorded with amateur cell phones, including children who had attended the practices.

Two other soldiers, who jumped at the same time as the instructor, watched the accident from the air. The event they were rehearsing included aerobatics, paratroopers launching and an operational deployment by military aircraft at the Fongal fairground.

The Air Force arranged to conduct an investigation of the accident.

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Source: Elcomercio