Smelly Fruits Force the Emergency Landing of an Airplane

A cargo of durians, which are considered some of the smelly fruits in the world, forced a plane to make an emergency landing, because of the strong smell that had invaded the entire cabin.

The incident occurred on September 17 on an Air Canada Rouge flight that was connecting Montréal and Vancouver.

According to Flight Global, the Boeing 767 had just taken off when the crew detected a “strong smell” from an unknown source.

Unable to detect the exact source of the stench, which had at that time gained all the cockpit of the plane, the pilots decided to turn around to return to the airport.

The oxygen masks would also have been deployed at that time on board the aircraft.

It was only once back to the ground that it was discovered that the odor was a cargo of a well-known pestilence fruit, the durian.

Nicknamed the “king of fruits”, the product is very popular in Asia, but it is distinguished by its nauseating odor.

This is not the first time that loading durians inconvenienced the passengers of a commercial plane.

Last year, an Indonesian flight between Bengkulu and Jakarta was delayed for similar reasons.



Source: TVAnouvelles