Something Crashed into the Building and They Thought it Was 9-11 All Over Again.

Everything we know about the tragic helicopter accident in Midtown

A helicopter crashed Monday trying to land on the roof of a building in downtown Manhattan, a few blocks from the well-known Times Square.

The FDNY confirmed a deceased: pilot Tim McCormack.

American Continental Properties , the company that owns the helicopter, reported that McCormack flew to them during the past five years . The authorities try to determine why he was flying over a restricted area and ruled out that it was a terrorist attack.

The incident put to the test once again the capacity of reaction of emergency agencies in the city.According to the fire commissioner, the uniformed personnel of his department took a little more than four minutes to reach the site and control the fire.

The authorities used different digital platforms to detail minute by minute what was happening in the place and give information about the plane crash. Several people who were in the area of ​​the disaster also used them to report the event.

Workers and tourists who were in the sector recounted the moments of fear after the incident was generated.

It is believed that the rain and poor visibility in the area could be the possible causes of the accident . The building the helicopter crashed into is 752 feet high, however, the roof of visibility in that Midtown area was only 400 feet on Monday, according to the federal government’s Aviation Meteorological Center.

The authorities have reported that as part of the investigation they will check if the pilot had contact with the air traffic towers.

The crash that the aircraft suffered joins four other emergencies that have occurred in the city . Even less than a month ago the images of a helicopter falling in the waters of the Hudson River surprised the world.