Somon Air obtained IATA certificate

Somon AirSomon Air is the first in Tajikistan airline and the third in the Central Asia region to obtain a certificate of membership in the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This certificate is an essential aid for the Republic of Tajikistan, the Civil Aviation General Administration of which successfully passed the ICAO audit in October 2016.

“We are proud of this significant achievement! Membership in the IATA is a new milestone in the success story of our airline and the entire civil aviation of Tajikistan as a whole”, General Director of Somon Air, Thomas W. Hallam II. “It will further strengthen the position of the airline as a regional and international carrier, and will also enable the use of the experience of advanced international air carriers, the introduction of new technologies and new types of service for passengers, enhance the standards of operational activities, simplify the procedure for concluding agreements and ultimately mean serious competitive advantages and cost reduction”, added he.

Among the main advantages of Somon Air, being an IATA member is the possibility to conclude interline and code-sharing agreements with the leading international carriers. This will give the airline the opportunity to deliver passengers and luggage to all necessary destinations outside the Somon Air route network.